JrHi Fall Retreat


Small Groups start Sunday August 15th, 5-7pm at The U. We all eat together the food that parents bring (sign up to help) at 5pm, then each student will be in a small group based on age and gender with two adults leaders, 5:30-7pm.


Small Group Leaders:


6th-8th Girls: Avery Bakarich, Mackenzie Hutto, Angie Watson

9th Girls: Katelyn Harbaugh, Jenn Wolfe

10th + 11th Girls: Natalie Nordan, Mackenzie Henry

12th Girls: Blakeney Hatcliff, Melissa Scott


6th Boys: Mitch Autrey, Andrew Brewer

7th-8th Boys: Devin Kahan, Philip Heine

9th Boys: Stephen Griffin, Mike Dawkins

10th-11th Boys: Billy Meenan, Armando Virruet 

12th Boys: Jim Scott, Caleb Wolfe