You'll arrive with your luggage at 5pm on Friday with your pump it up waiver (see below). We'll have blank ones here for you to fill out if you would like.


Packing List:

In honor of BEYOND weekend, come Friday wearing something GALACTIC (black/neon/anything space related,etc.). Remember, we're going to pump it up that night (active place with inflatables/slides,etc)


Gloves for service project (cleaning out Thrift Store for Methodist Children's Home) - work gloves or dish gloves works

Pillow and Sleeping Bag and/or Air Mattress (plan on sleeping on the floor) 

Shower supplies, Towel, Deodorant, Toothbrush/Toothpaste 

Bring $20 - There's a good chance some or all of this money will be used during their free time activity on Saturday

Snacks (optional)

On Sunday AM, we will all wear our LOL shirts (blackberry/dark purple) to the church service and sit together

See schedule below to get a better idea of what all is involved


Host Homes:

6th Girls - Greg and Natalie Yurkow (105 Redbud Dr. Brandon MS)

Adult/College Leaders: Natalie Nordan, Bizzy Gandy (both will drive their cars)

SrHi Leaders: Hannah Bartley and Kate Gandy (will not be driving any JrHi students)


7th & 8th Girls - Todd and Molly Clark (1494 N Old Canton Rd, Canton MS)

Adult Leader: Anna Grider (will drive everyone in church van)

SrHi Lealders: Lynnlee Johnson, Sarah Kate Killens (will not be driving any JrHi students)


6th & 7th Boys - Lewis and Claire Ridgeway (107 Ridge St. Madison)

College Leader: Johnathan Hillerman (Billy Meenan will be driving everyone in church van to all locations)

SrHi Leader: Alijah Boyd (will not be driving any JrHi students)


8th Boys - Joe and Becky Saenz (285 Ingleside Dr. Madison)

Adult Leader: Devin Kahan (will drive eveyone in his car)